Pet Welfare 

Everyday Pets is committed to safeguarding animal welfare, which is why we diligently work to ensure that all our advertisements comply with the PAAG’s essential standards for responsible pet advertising.

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Owning a pet typically involves a costly, long-term commitment, but unfortunately, many online ads promote impulsive purchasing. Often, these ads feature an adorable animal with minimal details, tempting people to buy on a whim. The Pet Advertising Advisory Group (PAAG) has set advertising standards to encourage websites that profit from pet ads to take responsibility for their content. By adhering to these standards, a website pledges not to host ads that might exploit impulsive or uninformed buyers.

Websites that comply with PAAG standards agree to provide essential information, enabling potential buyers to make well-informed decisions. This information includes critical details about the animal, such as its age, behavior, and health status.

We hope that adhering to these advertising standards will tackle various issues associated with online pet advertising. These issues range from poor welfare standards and insufficient background information to dealing with pets that are ill, deceptive practices by dealers posing as private sellers, and the risk of pets being traded or falling into the hands of inappropriate owners, like those involved in dog fighting.