About Everyday Pets​

About Us

Everyday Pets Ltd (www.everydaypets.co.uk) is a leading online pet marketplace in the UK, serving a vibrant community of pet enthusiasts. Each month, millions of people rely on our platform, and we proudly facilitate the rehoming of thousands of pets every day. Everyday Pets Ltd has been dedicated to promoting responsible pet ownership, ensuring both the safety and convenience of buyers and sellers. Our commitment to animal welfare and customer satisfaction has garnered us a high rating on Trustpilot, reflecting the trust and reliability we have built over the years.

What We Do

At Everyday Pets Ltd, we offer a comprehensive and safe environment for those looking to buy or adopt various pets including dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, fish, birds, and reptiles. Our community is backed by expert advice on animal health and veterinary care, guidelines for identifying reputable breeders. We bridge the gap between serious buyers and responsible breeders.

Advert Approval Process

We manually review the majority of adverts posted on our website, using a combination of tools and safeguards to ensure the highest standards. While we strive for excellence in our vetting process, we also encourage buyer responsibility in verifying advertiser credibility. To assist in this, we provide comprehensive checklists and advice for potential pet owners. Our vigilant community plays a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of our platform by reporting any concerns or unsatisfactory experiences with sellers.

Maintaining Trust & Safety

Everyday Pets Ltd implements various verification checks to uphold the trust and safety of our platform. We require licensed breeders to provide their licensing details, which are then displayed publicly. Sellers must also verify their UK-based phone numbers, adding an extra layer of security. These measures, combined with our manual moderation efforts, ensure a safe and reliable experience for all users.

Animal Welfare and Regulations

We have a zero-tolerance policy towards unethical animal-selling practices, such as puppy farming. Our adverts undergo both automated and manual reviews to ensure compliance with our strict animal welfare standards, leading to the rejection of a significant portion of submissions. We prohibit listings that include pets as gifts, pets without mother photos, imported pets for sale, delivery services, and designer pets, among others.

Community Guidelines and Support

Our platform features various articles from veterinarians and experts, offering extensive advice on pet health, care, and behaviour. We provide detailed breed profiles, rehoming checklists, and a dedicated Trust & Safety portal. Our Trust & Safety team is available 24/7 to address any reports or concerns, working closely with local authorities and the RSPCA to resolve issues.

Preventing Abuse by Unethical Breeders

Everyday Pets Ltd actively works to prevent misuse of our platform by puppy farmers and dubious breeders. We monitor advert frequency, validate local authority breeder licenses, and collaborate with animal welfare organisations to identify and block known offenders. Our platform is designed for pet lovers, responsible hobby breeders, and rescue centres, and we firmly oppose any form of platform abuse.

Advert Standards

Our advertising standards are clearly outlined and adhere to the Pet Advertising Advisory Group’s (PAAG) minimum standards. These guidelines are available for public view and help maintain the quality and integrity of our listings.

Contacting Everyday Pets Ltd

For any inquiries or support, users can reach us through our ‘Contact Us’ form available on our website.

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